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Overweight dogs, specific solutions exist but they are little widespread

Managing overweight dogs requires specific nutritional solutions that are not much considered by pet parents. Overweight dogs can be a dangerous situation for dogs and cats health. For this reason more information are necessary.

According to veterinarians, weight gain is usually caused by the hormonal imbalances as result of the sterilization process. Reducing food in the bowl or give fewer nutrients is the most common action but actually, it results counterproductive.

We shared a very detailed study study in our previous newsletter. We invite you to review it to get specific information on this subject. According to a recent study by the Association for the Prevention of Pet Obesity (APOP), in USA 59% of dogs and 61% of cats are obese and more than half of their pet owners leave their bowls empty exposing them to serious health problems.

Here some advices that are always valid

Increasing average physical activity can bring benefits if it is combined with a specific diet that includes nutritional products but which do not affect nutritional needs. Adragna Pet Food has studied Naxos Sterilight formula for sterilized or obese dogs that guarantees a correct protein balance and combines all the unique characteristics of citrus fruits,, delle carob beans andprickly pear seed oil. For overweight dogs, the solutions depend on what's we offer them in the bowl.

We also pay attention to sterilized cats with our Cat&Co Wellness Sterilized line that has been formulated for ensuring a good content of fiber, L-Carnitine and balanced levels of minerals in order to maintain a correct weight and the proper functioning of the kidneys.

A culture of well-being to spread

A fat dog does not necessarily mean that he is in good health. Being able to suggest your client products that satisfy your four-legged friend while keeping him healthy, it increases for sure the positive consideration towards you and it guarantees a more lasting relationship.

Considering the American market, only 19% of pet parents have started a specific diet to make your dogs lose weight. It concerns a niche that is still small but extremely loyal toward the brand chosen and to the retailer who suggested their clients correctly.

Having normal weight dogs and cats drastically reduces the onset of diabetes, skeletal arthritis problems and numerous other diseases that require painful and expensive treatments. The happiness of most of the families comes from the wellness of dogs and cats whose pet owners take care of them and who sometimes need to be guided towards more informed choices.


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