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Here there are american petfood trends that will also emerge in the other markets

Studying closely the current pet food trends in a mature market like the USA means thinking about the future petfood developments.

Let’s see two studies presented by Andrea Binder and Sam Smith of NielsenIQ at SuperZoo 2023 and by the Vericast survey "TrendWatch for Retail Trade 2023". You are invited to compare the information with what emerged with the latest analyzes regarding the Italian and European market.

NielsenIQ analysis for SuperZoo 2023

In the sectors of premium diets and ingredients for pet products, there is a greater focus on the concept of food that improves the pet's living conditions or food as medicine; it is a crucial topic for those consumers facing high inflation that reduces their purchasing power.

Here are the top 5 attributes or keywords most searched by consumers in relation to pet products:

– Vegan/vegetarian – 23.4% increase
– Sustainable – 51.6% increase
– Plant-based – 70.2% increase
– Holistic – 7.2% increase
– Human grade – increase of 22.5%

As is known, sustainability is a crucial aspect in consumer choices. Moving on the concept of human grade, the American legislation specifies how this definition can be misleading because it could lead to the use of food for dogs and cats in human nutrition that the US legislator has fortunately blocked now even if it is considered as a border-line concept.

Which products are pet parents willing to spend the most this year?

American pet parents spent about $2,000 in 2022 for their pets; their purchases include the so-called “diets” treats and supplements.

The Vericast “Retail TrendWatch 2023” surveyinterviewed over 700 people in the United States and found that facing the decreasing purchasing power, families choose to continue to provide products for their pets. Below are the key areas that companies should take into consideration for the increase sales.

Pet food and treats

Nearly 8 in 10 respondents are willing to spend more on pet food and treats this year. According to Vericast research, this indicates a growing interest in high-quality products.

Vitamins and supplements

According to research, 38% of pet parents are willing to spend more on health products such as vitamins and supplements. The same percentage is also willing to pay more for pet hygiene products.

Pet birthdays and toys

According to research, 8 out of 10 American pet owners celebrate their pets' birthdays and holidays with gifts and treats. Since 2022, there has been an 8% increase in purchases of pet gifts and holiday treats.

Nearly three-quarters of pet parents who work in smart working plan to spend more on toys and activities to occupy their pets during the day. Overall, 62% of owners surveyed say they spend more to keep their pets occupied.

Search for advantageous offers in the American market

Pet parents will spend more on their pets' health, but would like to save in other categories when possible. For example, over a third of respondents (37%) are looking for better discounts in all areas of pet spending. 28% currently use loyalty programs.

Nearly a third of pet parents (32%) prefer to shop at large specialty chains as they offer the best discounts, while 3 in 10 opt for department stores for the same reason. A further 20% prefer to shop on e-commerce platforms, while 13% are willing to purchase from local shops and pet boutiques.

Il 41% degli intervistati si riferisce ai propri animali domestici come animali di supporto o di servizio per renderli idonei a privilegi speciali in ambito fiscale, con un sistema assicurativo e normativo che si sta orientando verso l’integrazione dei pet nello stato familiare.

Knowing pet food trends allows you to plan growth

Through this information you can plan specific actions, in stores and online, to support sale of Adragna petfood products. You can agree a strategy in collaboration with our Adragna Pet Food sales manager and access to the services provided by our marketing team.


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