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What are favorite tastes in pet food?

Tastes trend in pet food is the same of trend in human food. There are more than 500 ingredients available today thanks to the evolution of tastes and nutritional knowledge

Nutritional choices of pets are strictly linked to the beliefs and knowledge of their owners. This process has been evolving for 160 years in petfood manufacturing.

Tastes of dogs and cats (according to humans)

After centuries of domestication by dogs, it is clear that if they can choose freely, wolf descendants prefer more delicate flavors, such as lamb.

On the other hand cats prefer strong flavors such as chicken. In general, their favorite flavors are closest to the animal's natural diet.

According to a study carried out by the University of Helsinki, dogs prefer animal proteins such as meat, fish and eggs over plant proteins such as soy and wheat. Cats prefer animal proteins such as chicken, turkey, fish and pork as well.

Solidity of food is another important element. Dogs prefer crunchy, dry foods, while cats prefer soft, moist foods. According to a study carried out by the University of Copenhagen, cats prefer moist foods because they are closest to their natural diet; it mainly includes moist prey such as mice and birds.

New ingredients among the favorite flavors in pet food

With the aim of reducing the amount of gluten in pet food, the interest in "ancient grains" became popular. Differently from the usual cereals, they contain less protein. This new trend led to the search of additional ingredients, known as superfoods that are able to satisfy multiple nutritional needs simultaneously. The list is long and it includes proteins of animal origin, fruit and ingredients that are considered as "exotic".

What a pet parent is looking for when he buys pet food

According to the latest research published in Global Pets, and carried out on 762 pets in Canada, France, UK and USA, pet parents are in particular looking for ingredients and food products that help their pet's intestinal health and facilitate pets digestion. 55% of consumers consider it one of the most important factors, followed by 47% by support for the immune system, 46% by the ability of assimilated food to strengthen joints and bones and 40% by that of supporting the heart and cardiovascular system of the own pet.

63% of purchases include pet food that contains probiotics or active ingredients, while 79% are undecided or strongly decided not to choose food with proteins from insects.

Among the most popular superfoods, carrots are the first (66% of preferences), followed by sweet potatoes (58%), pumpkin (51%), spinach (49%) and blueberries (48%). On the contrary, according to the research the superfoods that are not particularly interesting for pet parents are fermented vegetables (23%), goji berries (27%) and pomegranate (29%). There is a rise of new ingredients such as turmeric (38%), molluscs (33%) blackberries (35%) and coconut (31%).

The list of ingredients of Adragna Pet Food takes always into consideration the well-being trend of our four-legged friends

Our list of ingredients is available in the specific section of our website where you can find detailed focuses for each ingredient so that we can closely explain why the ingredient is included in Naxos, Dog&Co Wellness and Cat & Co Wellness recipes.

As producers, the introduction of new ingredients must be carefully evaluated in the exclusive interest of dogs and cats who must have the possibility of having a healthy life thanks to a correct nutritional intake that allows their humans to enjoy them as long as possible of their company.



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