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Environmental and economic sustainability : a mutual warranty

The economic and environmental sustainability is one of the target even more pressing in the current scenario. The pet food world give an answer to the same laws that link suppliers and producers of raw materials, the production industry , retail and final consumers that in our case , it’s the intermediary among who judges our product after having tasted it.

In addition to guaranteeing our prduction standards, we want to move to defend the marginality of our customers and the puirchasing power of our final consumers. The economic and environmental sustainability is rapidly changed from a future topic to a current topic.

Margin and purchasing power

In 2021 we succeeded in absorb without big impacts prices in higher growth of raw materials and trasports, "the perfect storm" verified between january and february in 2022 in the world scenario, made the prices not sustainable , in some cases some companies have blocked the production and other Made in Italy excellences are in danger.

The forecasts for the next months bring to a scenario where the increase of prices could proceed . Adragna Petfood wants to work protecting his customers and final consumers. If from one side marginality keep on growing from another side the purchasing power of the final customers is reducing, also for the pet owner that focus on quality price for the Made in Italy.

Better a egg today or a chicken tomorrow?

The production of products even for the lowest ranges is rapidly becoming uneconomical for companies and this will lead in a short time to an increase in the average quality of food for dogs and cats and consequently, also to an increase in the prices of all lines dedicated to pet food.

Also the quality garanteed before, is trying to adapt to the conditions of market. Managing to keep a correct price for this straordinary period, bring us to a different consideration, ammortizen the increases ensuring a much more strong fidelity.

A pet owner can stay for a long time with our customers , this is a clear target in an uncertain context like this. A final consumer knows that the general prices of all the goods are increasing and if we loose the trust agreement despite of an increasing marginality , we risk to loose it and to spend more to take it.

As often repeated Sam walton:

There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.

Difendere il potere d’acquisto del pet owner oggi permette ai nostri partner più attenti di crescere più rapidamente e in maniera sostenibile, mentre l’approvigionamento locale di materie prime permette ad Adragna Petfood di difendere le tue marginalità.


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