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Raw material crisis? We are here and we don't slow the production.

La crisi delle materie prime non accenna a fermarsi e le indicazioni al momento non prevedono un miglioramento dello scenario ma nonostante questo, Adragna Petfood non ha rallentato la produzione ma si appresta a soddisfare nuove richieste in arrivo dal mercato italiano ed estero.

The sustaibility coming from km0 ingredients represents until today another guarantee for all our partners.

A fluid scenario, a certainty during the time

grafico-1-costi 2021As concern the crisis effects of raw materials , this is really clear, the speculative chase is rising on raw materials and it has started in 2021 and we were able to get it without unload in an indiscriminative way the cost on our partner and on the final consumersconsumers that want to ensure every day a balanced food for dogs and cats. Coming out pandemic has paralyzed great part of the activities , there is a new stage of recovery and increase of prices , it has met the interruption of transports harbour . This fastened the prices growth in Europe bacause is ruled by different binding agreements that in italy allowed to have inflation taxes higher than 3,3% in 2008, of 0,2% in 2022 and exploded in 2022 to 5,2%, a value really low among industrialised countries in the world.

Our production likes the discovery of local suppliers because we believe that environmental sustainability is much more closer to economic sustainability , mostly for a fundamental procedure for the health of dogs and cats. In the last 20 years the nutritional research highlited the adventages of using artichocke plant, sicilian cytrus, carob and natural preservatives such as olive oil and rosemary. These ingredients continue to be shipped regularly to our factories along with chicken , pig, buffalo, blu flish and lamb, to garantee and support the new requests coming from the latest months.

No plant stoppage , no reduction of orders.

In the caotic scenario with the war between Russia and Ukraine , there were many rumors about the stoppage of the sector and about the supply chain from different companies. The productive model of Adragna Petfood allow us not to suffer from the same repercussions that hit other sector players and it gave a further acceleration through a project of development in 2023 where we will present not only new products with updated recipes, but an update that is increasingly consistent with the values ​​of sustainability and environmental protection.

The photovoltaic system already supplies energy to the production plants and in the coming months they will support further growth in production, while the expansion of some areas of the plant already planned in 2022 will not slow down the expected deliveries.


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