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How to use the Puppy and Kitten products during their weaning phase

Just choosing specific products for our little pets is not enough, we should also learn how to use them properly in order not to make the most common mistake, which is: overdosing.

The energy demand of a puppy is undoubtedly higher than that of either a dog or a cat of this size (kcal x kg0,75), however if we exceed with the dosage, we risk favouring the insurgence of dangerous problems during the growth phases of both the cat and the dog.

Reasons why it is important to trust the nutrition labels and use a specific product

A puppy or a kitten grows 12 times more rapidly than a kid, especially during the first 6 months of its life, which is known as being the most rapid growth period for cats and dogs.Indeed, throughout this period a puppy or kitten’s nutrition and energetic demands increase significantly.

Puppies require a higher nutrition demand: not only do they have to worry about the proper functioning and temperature of their body, but they also need to care about the development of their bones, muscles and organs.

nutritional requirementsA correct diet is of utter importance, in fact mistakes may lead to irreparable consequences. It is advisable to use specific products for the weaning phase: we kept this crucial aspect in mind while formulating our products and that is why our receipts are perfectly balanced.

The energy demand of puppy is twice as much as that of an adult dog of the same size. Following the first 6 months of life, the energy demand starts decreasing alongside with the growth pace, as it is highlighted on the label..

Young pets have a higher protein demand because of the synthesis of their new muscles. Proteins in a diet must be of a higher quality and easy to digestas to provide the body with an adequate quantity of amino-acids which are fundamental for a puppy’s growth.

Guaranteed quality

Our products are entirely made with zero kilometres ingredients thus supplied by local producers because of three main reasons: firstly, we deeply care about the environment, secondly this solution allows us to build a strong relationship with reliable suppliers andthirdly we are able to offer high-quality products by employing excellent local raw materials.

For example, to produce the Naxos monoprotein line we employ citrus fruits which are rich in pectin thus allowing a greater digestibility. In the meantime, citrus fruits boost our pets’ immune defences thanks to the high content of ascorbic acid which is a natural antioxidant. dei nostri amici a quattro zampe.

Moreover, our little friends can count on a great supply of vitamins and minerals contained in carobs, chestnut extract and brewer’s yest, which are some of the ingredients we use to produce our pet food. Such constituents help improve a correct body functioning while limiting the use of other supplements.

Indeed, experts warn against making excessive use of supplements like calcium since they can negatively affect the health of our pet. An imbalanced ingestion of calcium may lead to the insurgence of serious problems at the musculoskeletal level.

The weaning phase with respect to a dog’s different sizes

We must be careful with the feeding of our dog, especially if we have a small dog breed.As a matter of fact, these little friends reach maturity more quickly than larger dog breeds therefore an overfeeding may translate into obesity.

For what concerns medium-sized dog breeds, in order to encourage a proper musculoskeletal development, we must match a balanced diet with a correct sporting activity. Young dogs should be subjected to a regular physical activity so that they can stay fit during growth.

With respect to large dog breeds , their growth rate is highly affected by the amount of energy they ingest. Overdoses of energy supply are associated with skeletal anomalies. Indeed, hyperalimentation speeds up the growth process to a level that becomes unbearable for a young dog’s skeletal system.

During the first months of life bones grow quickly, while the second phase of growth is marked by muscular development which continues as soon as the definite adult weight is reached. A gradual and slow skeletal growth avoids biomechanical efforts which would otherwise be there in the case of an early growth.

Cat’s weaning

The same rule of a balanced and carefully measured diet applies to cats as well. When it comes to kittens, we must take into account issues concerning protein, lipidic and vitamin metabolism, and especially:

  • Taurine: a lack of this amino-acid leads to retinal degeneration and blindness;
  • B group vitamins: kittens are not capable of turning tryptophane into B Vitamin and that is why they need a greater quantity of pyridoxine (B6);
  • Arachidonic acid: they cannot ingest it starting from linoleic acid hence it must be present in their aliments in order not to incur in problems to either the hair or the skin;
  • A Vitamin: they cannot turn b-carotene into A Vitamin therefore it must be included in their diet.

The receipts of Cat & Co Wellness line have been formulated by taking in consideration the aforementioned facts especially concerning the Kitten products.We have to choose specific and functional products throughout the weaning process if we want to secure a healthy life to our little friends and make them stay with us for a long time.


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