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How does the puppy and kitten’s weaning process take place?

The weaning process is a key phase in the lifecycle of both a puppy and a kitten, that is why it must be taken seriously by bearing in mind some relevant aspects, like: a pet’s size, number of brothers and sisters and its mother’s milk production capability.

Experts stress the importance of this process since it marks the transition from an exclusive milk-based diet to a diet which includes other foodstuffs besides milk. We assume professionals such as breeders and trusted veterinarian.

The weaning phases of a puppy’s lifecycle

Nutrition label for the weaning process

On the 3rd week from delivery a mother’s milk production ceases to increase, while puppies’ nutritional needs keep on growing. In order to make up for these shortages and guarantee a proper nutrition alongside with a regular growth we should introduce other foodstuffs acting as complementary.

A good start could be that of mixing up a part of dry food with two parts of liquid (milk, water, soup).

A mother’s milk production further decreases on the 5th week from delivery and at this point a food integration becomes necessary.

First days of weaning, how to get along

In the first 3-4 days of weaning, it is best to feed puppies with the same quantity of the same food that it had been eating during the after-lactation period. Later, we can gradually boost it according to the puppy’s age and weight.

Same rules must be applied to kittens as well, main differences between kittens and puppies exist in relation to the complementary nutrition period on the one side and the real weaning phase on the other side:

  • The latter generally starts from the 4th-5th week from kittens’ birth;
  • Transitioning form suckling to chewing is a more natural process for some, and less for others that start with solid food licking, therefore in the last case it is advisable to:
  • Feed kittens with a finely chopped food (the mother’s food preferably) softened through some milk;
  • Feed kittens with increasingly solid food;

Take care of the breastfeeding mother

Looking after the breastfeeding mother is another crucial point that deserves to be borne in mind for the puppies’ sake. During the gestation weeks pet owners should feed the mother with the Puppyline products as well in order to guarantee a better protein value which should also be balanced with respect to the nutrients needed: be careful not to exceed with the quantity either for the puppies’ or their mothers’ health according to their size..



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