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The use of chicken protein in monoprotein products for dogs: let's clarify

Chicken protein in monoprotein petfood for dogs is considered the main cause of intolerances and allergies by pet owners. But is it really like that? Let's see in detail.

"Monoprotein” is the key word for dog food. This current trend focuses on a single protein source where chicken protein maintains its presence.

The well-known nutritional advantages of chicken protein

What drives nutritionists to continue to consider chicken as an important protein in pet nutrition today? First, chicken protein provides all the essential amino acids that dogs need to maintain their health. It is a complete nutritional that supports muscle growth and maintenance of body mass.

Another advantage is the easy digestibility that is a priority in the nutrition of our furry companions. The low saturated fat content helps to maintain a healthy body weight in dogs. This is especially important for breeds predisposed to obesity. Chicken also contains important nutrients such as zinc, iron and B vitamins.

Why do we talk about intolerances in relation to chicken protein in monoprotein pet food?

Considering the quality of chicken protein, what could make this protein so harmful to our dogs?

It depends on quality of chicken protein used. Chickens coming from intensive farming in confined spaces with many other chickens, they cannot move as they would do in nature and they suffer from various pathologies that are treated with intensive use of antibiotics.

The choice of Adragna Pet Food: short, controlled and certified supply chain

One of the best-selling and most requested products is Naxos Medium Chicken and Citrus.The secret? The choice of our supplier. For 20 years, we have chosen a Sicilian breeder whose farm is very close to our production plant and where chickens are free to move and are fed without any addition of chemical additives.

For guaranteeing further the validity of control process and suppliers certification, Adragna Pet Food has joined the TrackIt project of the ICE agency, the Agency that supports Italian companies in the promotion of the “Made in Italy” around the world together with the Italian Government.

During the current year, the final consumer will have the opportunity to know in detail the different phases of the production process of our Naxos products.



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