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World pet food trends 2023: let's look at the various continents

Let's see together the global trends in pet food at the end of 2023 with news coming from various parts of the world.

We will discover the incredible decline in the pet population in the USA, the ever-increasing spread of the cat as pet and a focus on Asia and Latin America.

From the global data, more cat puppies are already being welcomed from families than dog puppies. This marks an epochal change that will develop in all continents within a few years.

Situation in the USA: decline in the pet population

According to data from APPA (American Pet Products Association), in the 2023-2024 National Pet Owner Survey, respondents' responses indicate that 66% of U.S. households own a pet in 2023, which equates to approximately 86.9 million families with a pet. However, these numbers represent a decline that brings the pet population in the US back to pre-pandemic levels.

Although pet ownership rates appear to have decreased, spending on pets has increased. According to NielsenIQ data reported by APPA, in 2022 US residents spent $58.1 billion on pet food and feed, with a trend also strengthened in 2023 by the inflation rate.

Generational change among pet owners

In the generational comparison between pet owners in the USA, Gen Z and Millennials are numerically as influential as Baby Boomers and Gen X. It is a data that leads to a progressive change in the main interests of pet owners and communication on the market..

Global trends in pet food reported by Pet Fair South East Asia

Important news on global trends in pet food arrives at the end of 2023 from Pet Fair South East Asia: as is already happening in Europe, the cat population is growing and surpasses that of dogs in several countries, while the pet food industry adapts to intercept this change.

This is thanks to the higher rates of urbanization and employment which lead pet owners to have to choose a pet that can live better in an urban context and is best suited to the more hectic work pace. Even in Asia, the increase in the price of pet food has led to a rush towards premium products, while cheaper products remain more in demand in those countries where the pet market still remains limited.

Pets and pet food are increasingly in demand in Latin America, but pay attention to the sizes

During the presentation at Foro Mascotas 2023 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, on June 1 and 2, Alberto Trueba of Euromonitor International and Luis Montoya of Reading Bakery Systems shared data collected by Euromonitor on pet ownership and retail sales. detail in several Latin American countries.

The picture that emerges is similar to that of other continental contexts: urbanization penalizes large and medium-sized dogs in favor of small dogs and cats.

According to the data provided country by country, it emerges that:

  • In Mexico, 81% of pet owners use dry food and only cat food, driving a market worth 715 million dollars
  • In Colombia, 516,000 tons of pet food are handled
  • In Chile at the end of 2023 it is estimated that the pet food market for dogs and cats will reach a value of 1.4 billion dollars. 58% of the local population owns a dog and 47% of the Chilean dog population is small in size
  • In Brazil, 18% of the population prepares food for their pets at least once a week starting from their own food waste but there is a market for industrial pet food which by 2023 will reach 7.5 billion dollars in value
  • In Peru, 53% of the population owns at least one dog and despite the size of the country, 88,000 tons of industrial pet food are consumed

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