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Sustainability is increasingly a crucial point for consumers’.

Since 2 years sustainability has been becoming a crucial topic for consumers around the world, including pet owners.

Before delving into specific data, the meaning of sustainability has to be clarified. What is producers’ tasks during the supply chain, starting from the management of raw materials until making petfood available in the bowls?

Sustainability is the present promise of the possibility of a future

Treccani encyclopaedia is very clear in explaining the word sustainability:

According to the environmental and economic sciences, sustainability is defined as development that "meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their ownThe concept of sustainability was introduced during the first UN conference of the environment in 1972. In 1987, after the publication of the so-called Brundtland report, the goal of sustainable development was clearly defined [...]

The current crisis in raw materials market that caused the closure of factories in the automotive and pet food sectors had a specific consequence: the increase of raw materials prices. A consideration is now unavoidable: Population in the world will reach 10 billion people; in the various continental areas, one family out of two owns a pet or it will have one within the next 50 years. It is a great opportunity for the economic growth that has to take into consideration the development of the market.

Let’s give the word to pet owners: what they ask for when they talk about sustainability

In the latest market research, Toluna highlighted how 98% of owners believe that is important to give to children the possibility to spend their time with dogs and cats. Moreover, the 95% of them consider sustainability one of the most important discerning factors for choosing food for dogs and cats. Although this is a typical trend of advanced markets such as the Italian, European and American ones, the trend of markets that move forward this direction (such as the Asian and Pacific area, including the Middle East) or that will arrive in the next years (like the African one), confirm this thrust.

It is true that at the time of purchase, the intention is confirmed in 80% of purchases but another even more important data concerns the consumers of the future: according to the research done by Mediatic, millennials agree 100% in putting the sustainability of a product and the interventions in this direction of the company as a discriminating factor in the choice of a product.

Here are the 10 crucial points for pet owners in recognizing a company as sustainable:

  1. breeding farms attentive to well-being
  2. eco-sustainable / renewable packaging
  3. farming / fishing / eco-sustainable crops
  4. Natural ingredients
  5. Use of renewable energy
  6. No GMOs
  7. Km 0
  8. Bio certifications
  9. Eco-sustainable ingredients
  10. Other

Adragna Petfood commitment and the quality guaranteed in every single kibble

Since its establishment, Adragna Petfood has been paying attention to sustainability. To give an example, buffaloes used to enrich our new Naxos - Buffalo and Citrus products come from farms located in Campania and where buffalos are raised outdoors.

Citrus are the central element for enriching the recipes of our monoprotein products, comes not only from the pulp but also from the peel (rich in vitamin C and vitamin A, essential oils, bioflavonoids and antioxidants) which, instead of being destroyed, becomes a fundamental nutritional element to ensure a natural digestibility of the product. The use of rosemary, a typical Mediterranean shrub, also reduces the use of synthetic pesticides, which are harmful to our four-legged friend as well as to the environment.

The use of natural ingredients and the choice not to purchase raw materials containing GMOs requires a constant investment during the search for the nutritional values of raw materials existing in Sicily and Italy. This approach promotes for sure the internal market; it also reduces transport and CO2 emissions into the air. An important investment comes also from the use of solar energy at our plant and from our total reuse of the excess water used during the production process.

There are still many challenges, let’s think for example the need to combine a packaging that guarantees 18 months of freshness and usability of the product with resistant and recyclable materiasl. Since 1973 the company has always been embracing the new challenges guaranteeing the quality of products. According to our pet owners, dogs and cats are happy and they have a higher quality life thanks to the choice to have “Sicily in their bowls”.


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