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Chestnut extract for improving the assimilation of nutrients

Chestnut extract for improving the assimilation of nutrients.

Balancing the nutrients absorption in the best possible way and regulating intestinal transit is a very complicated process that can be achieved with a customized and homemade diet prepared by pet owners. In fact, an excess of chestnut extract can stop the proteins absorption.

All the known benefits of chestnut extract

This ingredient is not only able to improve the digestibility of the product. Many researches have shown that the chestnut extract can act against the pathogenic bacterial flora and those bacteria that can cause diarrhea. This is possible thanks to the complex interaction of the chemical components with which this superfood interacts. A concrete effect of this action is a better digestive process and a general strengthening of the immune defenses that are able to favor a gradual and correct weight gain.

After cooking, chestnut extract interacts with the other ingredients; it also acts as an additional natural preservative element that ensures the integrity of kibbles against external contaminants.

The content of tannins and their importance

As you can see, this superfood can ensure numerous positive effects if it is correctly measured and if no further additions have made to your dog's natural diet. All the products of Adragna range have the correct dose of this element and for this reason any other addition would be superfluous. Products of the Adragna lines in fact they already contain the right dose of this element, making any external addition superfluous.

The correct dose of chestnut extract allows the right amount of tannins. This element is able to:

  • shape a thin layer of denatured proteins on the gastric mucosa which prevents the colonization of pathogenic microorganisms on the surface of the mucosa
  • reduce the lymphocyte DNA damage
  • Ensure beneficial effect on the liver
  • Ensure antioxidant efficacy similar to vitamin E.
  • Its main function is to protect animals against problems in the digestion process through an inhibitory effect on  process through an inhibitory effect on pathogen




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