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The advantages of dehydrated proteins in petfood

Choosing dehydrated proteins in petfood is extremely important for ensuring maximum nutritional yield and for avoiding the use of artificial preservatives.

Fresh meat is made up of 70-80% water, 3-7% lipids, 2-4% mineral salts and vitamins. In order to keep meat fresh for long, chemical actions must been undertaken on the decomposition process that unavoidably make quality products less natural.

Percentage of proteins in fresh meat

Percentage of proteins in the different kind of meat exceeds the 20% of the weight of a slice of meat Usually percentage of proteins is one of the criteria taken into consideration in evaluating the quality of a dry food both for dogs and for cats. The amount of proteins is always indicated on label.

Ph of meat vs quality of dehydrated protein

Another important aspect is fresh meat storage: in fact from suppliers’ warehouse, the possibility of contamination causes bigger risks during the transport stages. Ph of fresh meat is acid while ph of meat during the putrefaction phase is alkaline. During the cooking process, this fact invalidates the quality of protein.

More ingredient, better feeding, longer life

Despite the beneficial properties of meat, it does not contain a big amount of vitamins. For this reason, it is necessary to add further ingredients able to ensure rich and balanced diets.

Unfortunately, life of unlucky dogs and cats is shorter than life of pets that have their owners. In addition to the most common traumatic events that affect stray dogs and cats, it is well known that an additive free feeding that includes not only fresh meat but also different nutrients improves the health of pets.

Dehydrated protein in petfood can be considered as a very important technology evolution in nutritious kibbles manufacturing. This method in fact ensures high hygienic and sanitary standards during the entire production process (from the moment of the arrival of raw materials to the cooking, greasing and packaging phase). greasing e confezionata.


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