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The palatability in cat food can no longer do without the right nutrients

The palatability in cat food is probably the most important aspect that can determine the success or failure of a high quality product. As known to nutritionists all over the world, even dedicated hypoallergenic or hypoallergenic feeds, through the use of hydrolyzed proteins, can lead to a more bitter final taste that can be difficult to balance.

From another point of view the abuse of appetizers often goes hand in hand with preservatives and dyes which, while making kibbles extremely appetizing for cats, do not ensure the right nutrients in the medium to long term and lead to complaints against producers. and negative reviews to vets.

Another important aspect of cats' health comes from their lifestyle. In fact, it is necessary to find a supplier able to guarantee an ideal product for those cats who live outdoors and can ingest anything. Obviously, we cannot ignore the health of the cats living in the house, whether they are puppies or adults or we have chosen to sterilize them.

Another crucial moment in a cat's daily life is the cleaning of coat, an operation that can lead to the formation of hairballs, cause of discomfort and vomiting in cats, which can be avoided thanks to dedicated products.

This is why since 2001 we have developed recipes that were increasingly balanced in providing the right nutrients taking into account the palatability of the product. This happened thanks to tests that did not include forced laboratory tests but we have always based on the reaction of the cat in front of the product in the bowl, noting the reactions and physical state over the months of use of the product.

Having a product that can guarantee the palatability in cat food and therefore meet needs of cats, is a guarantee for any retailer and distributor who intends to bring all the benefits of the Mediterranean dietthat are already appreciated for human maintenance diets, even in bowls of cats from all over the world.

The shelf life of 18 months, guaranteed thanks to the just in time production, has allowed all the products of the Cat & CO Wellness line to have excellent reviews from our commercial partners in more than 40 countries


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