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Plant update works and company closure

Plant upgrade work begins in view ofthe rebranding activity scheduled for 2023, within our production plant and in neighboring offices.

The works we are carrying out in our factory are aimed at improving 2 very important aspects for our business:

  1. Product innovation with a plant capable of using different and new completely natural raw materials.
  2. Environmental sustainability, as we have improved the treatment of the water used in our production plant, but in particular strengthened and made our water recovery system more efficient, in order to avoid waste and always be a company greener.

The dates scheduled for works on the plant and closure of the plant.

The activity will be differentiated in order to ensure the operation of deliveries from Monday 18 July until the first of August with the works that are will focus mainly on the production plant, with structural updates.

Other interventions will be repeated again from 15 August for another 14 working days, in order to complete the cycle of works scheduled for 2022. The offices will be closed from 15 to 19 August



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