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Sterilized dogs need specific products

Sterilized dogs need specific products containing all nutrients necessary for their daily life and related to their physical conditions.

The Sterilization has effects on the hormonal cycle; increased appetite and change in assimilation capacity are some examples. More specifically, sterilization is refers to little bitches and castration is related to little dogs.

In addition to the possibility of preventing unwanted animals, some other advantages can be get thanks to sterilization. In fact, it can reduce breast tumors, pyometria and false pregnanc


It is a bacterial infection of the uterus. If it is not diagnosed precociously, it can be mortal. Usually it hits mature bitches. The 25% of not sterilized bitches suffer from this illness before the age of 10. Common symptoms are depression, lethargy, anorexia, increased thirst, frequent urination, vaginal discharge, abdominal distension, vomiting or diarrhea. If these symptoms are present, you should contact your veterinarian so that he can visit your lovely bitch as soon as possible. Sterilization prevents this disease.

False pregnancy

Hormonal alterations are frequent in sterilized dogs; they are a consequence of estrus and they totally mimic the signs of a true pregnancy. Common signs of false pregnancy are mammary gland enlargement with milk production, anxiety, restlessness. Sometimes bitches guard protectively toys or other small objects.

How bitches metabolism change after sterilization

After sterilization, usually metabolism changes for dogs and for bitches. It is very likely that appetite increases. Their desire to walk, to do physical activity and to play with you diminishes simultaneously. Consequently, their weight and lean body mass increase. What happens at this point?

The increase of weight and lean body mass can invalidate dogs’ joints and their cardiovascular system. It can also cause diabetes and stomach issues.

What can we do in order to avoid dog’s weight increase and the interruption of his physical activity? The solution is to feed him correctly and not to diminish his usual feed portion. It is important to notice that at this stage of life, your dog needs specific substances such as mineral salts and vitamins; at the same time it is essential to provide him with petfood with a lower level of calories. You will not have to change quantities.

If you diminishes quantities of his usual feed portion, your dog will ask for more food insistently during the day. It is much better to avoid these behaviours because overweight can be easily reached.

Naxos Sterilight is the solution

In order to meet these specific needs, Naxos Sterilight has been manufactured: a product made with chicken and citrus that does not make heavier your dog. Naxos Sterilight ensures the correct amount of nutrients for your dog’s joints and muscles. Its main features are:

Reduced lipid and energy intake
– Dietary fiber for stimulating the sense of satiety
– High protein content for maintaining muscle tone
– Glucosamine and chondroitin for promoting joint well-being
– L-carnitine for promoting lipid metabolism

Remember to choose kibbles according to your dog’s size. For medium and maxi dogs, ask for Naxos Sterilight Medium/Maxi. Naxos Sterilight Medium/maxi, If you own a mini dog, smaller kibbles are necessary for facilitating mastication process; that is why you should choose Naxos Sterilight Mini Naxos Sterilight mini


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