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The first 50 years of Adragna Petfood

50 years of Adragna Pet Food

The first 50 years of Adragna Petfood are not only the history of a company that has been on the market for 50 years, but they are the history of
a dream of a father and a son, of a family that in 50 years had a vision which involved dozens of people.

They are the history of a company born in Alcamo, in the province of Trapani,in one of the historically most innovative areas
for Italian entrepreneurship, the same land where the Florio-Whitakers enchanted the world with their liqueur wines and with
the invention of the method for preserving tuna.

It is a land rich in quality raw materials, linked to the land and the sea, a land where Adragna family decides
to launch a business to formulate specific foods for farm animals. Then, in 1998
in Adragna company there was the first great internal revolution, that is the transition to the production and marketing of products
for dogs and cats.

A navigation that goes through not indifferent storms and that slowly sees the passage of the helm to Vincenzo
Adragna, who focuses on growth and innovation by sharing a clear goal with the group of people
who are committed to carrying out a great project every day. One of them, Piero Filippi, receives from the President
of the Republic Sergio Mattarella the "Star for Labor Merit" awarded only by Italian citizens who,
as employees, have distinguished themselves throughout their working life for their expertise, industriousness and moral conduct.

With a new organizational structure, in 2012 the company opens up to international markets and quickly starts to export
its products in more than 40 countries on 4 continents, talking about Made in Italy excellence, also in the production of food
for dogs and cats, which have become, in the last 50 years, from simple pets to real extended family members
over the world.

The next initiatives to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Adragna Petfood will be informed through this site, our social networks and other means.


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