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The value of a superpremium product

The value of a super premium product is being affected by the increase in the costs of raw materials and fuels but continues to guarantee not only quality, but also savings in the pockets of pet owners.

How is it possible? The key lies in the labels and the real nutritional value. Let's see in more detail

Metabolizable energy, the true value of a kibble

The data on the exact amount of kibble to be provided daily to your dog or cat is often indicated in the bag or on the online form of super premium products, but how is it calculated?

The daily energy requirement of an animal varies not on the basis of the weight in absolute value but on the basis of the so-called "metabolic weight" which takes into account the body surface area of the dog or cat. In this case the nutritionists go to search and refer to the metabolic weight to calculate what is called "maintenance needs", obviously different for the dog and for the cat and also different between dogs and cats of different sizes.

For example, if the dog needs 1000kcal per day, it becomes essential to know the metabolizable energy of your kibble, in orderto know the exact amount of kibble that must be given to your pet daily, to avoid overweight or substance deficiency problems. nutrients.

What happens when we give our beloved pet for a long time a product that has a lower cost on the shelf but also has a lower nutritional value? In the medium to long-term we will have clear signs of some nutritional deficiency, to be compensated with further supplements and in the worst cases, further veterinary visits (and expenses).

A super premium product is by definition a complete product, that is, it allows dogs and cats to have a healthy and regular life, without the need for further additions.

Pay attention to the values on the label

In recent months, both the main proteins and the elements that make the kibble compact have had almost unsustainable cost increases for companies. The quality assurance of the products has been defended and protected thanks to the detailed indication of the ingredients used, listed in order of quantity.

Some premium products have more generic terms, such as "meat and derivatives" or "cereals" which in these days of sharp increases in the cost of raw materials, allows you to make changes to the original recipes without having to indicate them on the label. To notice the change will be the dogs and cats that may show less interest in the premium product normally consumed or could manifest in the medium to long term problems of nutritional deficiencies or develop food sensitivities caused by the ingredients actually present in the meals they make every day.

Lower prices than premium kibble, sure they're really affordable?

The value of a super premium product does not stop only at its value for our faithful four-legged friends but also has a weight for the pockets of pet parents that can be calculated. If the super premium product has on average a higher cost both per package and in the price per kg, we have learned that 100 g of super premium product does not satiate and nourish in the same way as a premium product. If the premium product has additives to induce a sense of satiety, we know that sooner or later this will lead to having to supplement the pet's diet with products that have much higher prices.

If a good product can have a value close to 6 € / kg, on average a premium product can even reach 3.5 € kg but to keep the dog or cat in shape, you will have to resort to supplements ranging from 11 € up to € 100 in the most serious cases or to larger quantities of food that cancel the convention of a lower price and risk creating obesity.

A conti fatti, il risparmio derivante dall’uso corretto e costante di prodotti superpremium può incidere nelle tasche dei pet partent per un valore che oscilla dai 100€ai 200€ l’anno, senza tener conto delle eventuali visite veterinarie extra derivanti da possibili problemi nutrizionali.



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