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Puppy Medium / Maxi Fish and citrus

Puppy Medium/Maxi Fish and citrus

Naxos Puppy Medium/Maxi – Fish & Citrus is recommended for the medium and large size puppies growth which have specific physiological and nutritional needs.

Balanced nutrition

High digestibility

Strong defenses

Optimal digestion

High palatability

Omega 3 and Omega 6

Strong bones

Healthy skin / shiny coat


Format, composition and instructions for use
  • FORMAT  3kg or 12kg
  • COMPOSITION Dehydrated fish protein (36%); sorghum; rice; animal fat; hydrolyzed fish proteins; dried citrus from Sicily (orange 2%, lemon 1%); flax seed; dried beet pulp; carob; yeast products (MOS); brewer's yeast; olive oil; salts of fatty acids (EPA, DHA); yucca schidigera; glucosamine; fructoligosaccharides chondroitin sulfate
  • ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENT Humidity 9.00%; crude protein 28.50%; crude fats 18.00%; crude fiber 2.60%; crude ash 5.40%; calcium 1.20%; phosphorus 1.00%; Omega 3 0.90%; Omega 6 3.50%; metabolizable energy 4.080 Kcal / Kg.
  • NUTRITIONAL ADDITIVES Vitamina A 21.000 UI – Vitamina C 75,00 mg – Vitamina D3 1.400 UI – Vitamina E 275 UI – Vitamina B1 8,40 mg – Vitamina B2 8,40 mg – Vitamina B3 30,00 mg – Vitamina B6/cloridrato di piridossina 7,00 mg – Biotina 1,60 mg – Vitamina K 1,75 mg – Vitamina B12 0,16 mg – Acido folico 1,50 mg – Cloruro di colina 2.100,00 mg – Ferro (Carbonato di ferro (II)) 155 mg – Iodio (Iodato di calcio anidro) 1,90 mg – Rame (Solfato di rame (II) pentaidrato) 14,00 mg – Manganese (Ossido di manganese (II)) 56,00 mg – Zinco (Ossido di zinco) 175,00 mg – Selenio (Selenito di sodio) 0,14 mg – DL Metionina, tecnicamente pura 3.000 mg. Additivi organolettici: Estratto di castagno. Antiossidanti.
  • INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Dispense daily, according to the feeding table shown on the back of the pack, dividing into two/three principal meals and always providing the dog with a bowl of clean and fresh water. Change gradually if switching from another product. Make subtle adjustments to the amount mentioned on the table, based on the physiological condition of the dog, its activity and environmental conditions. Store in a cool, dry place.

Recommended daily ration

Proper nutrition guarantees your dog the right amount of nutrients and the
guarantees better health conditions for a longer life

2-3 months
Adult weight12 kg15 kg18 kg20 kg24 kg27 kg30 kg
Ration in gr140-175170-210200-230220-260250-300270-300290-350
4-6 months
Adult weight12 kg15 kg18 kg20 kg24 kg27 kg30 kg
Ration in gr190-230230-270250-310280-33320-390350-425375-455
7-9 months
Adult weight12 kg15 kg18 kg20 kg24 kg27 kg30 kg
Ration in gr220-230245-260285-300310-320360-375390-410420-440
13-15 months
Adult weight12 kg15 kg18 kg20 kg24 kg27 kg30 kg


Puppy Medium/Maxi Fish and citrus

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